Sunday, August 7, 2016

Piano For Sale

For Sale: Upright Grand Piano, Colonial Piano Co. (circa 1880 - 1890), $400 (plus the cost of moving)

I am selling my antique upright grand piano.  Despite its age, the piano has held up remarkably well.

Except for minor repair work, the piano is all original.  The keys are in fantastic condition.  The pin block is tight and the piano keeps its tune. The damper and sustain pedals work and the lid opening mechanism, while a little sticky when it's humid, still works fine. The piano has its original strings, hammers, dampers, and action.  The hammers definitely show wear but still work. The action is a little loose, but still responsive.  The sound board is also in great condition.  The veneer finish has some areas of fading and damage, but no peeling.  There is one area of the cover that's missing its decorative piece (not structural).  For a piano that's around 130 years old, it's in great shape!  It would make a great piano to play around on or a lovely student piano.

Included with the piano is a piano bench with storage (not original to the piano) and a brass piano lamp.  When I took possession of the piano, I also installed a Piano Lifesaver Humidifier which helps maintain its tuning.  I have all the paperwork, fill can, and some pad solution. Pad solution can be ordered through a piano tech who sells the systems or directly from the manufacturer.

Buyer is responsible for moving the piano.  It has a cast iron frame and is very heavy. I can recommend a piano mover who's done work for me in the past who does a great job and is relatively inexpensive.  Also, I can pass along the name of my piano tech who is familiar with this instrument and does a great job at a reasonable cost.

If you are interested in the piano, do not comment on this post.  Email me:  KatatonicState (at) gmail (dot) com

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