This year, I start my quest to get my Ph.D. in Voice Pedagogy.  I expect this to be a process that will take the next 6 - 8 years (or slightly longer).

The first steps involve picking up some undergrad music courses that I would have gotten if I had pursued a music degree out of high school.  I'll be starting the Berklee online program for that in January.  I'm very excited about this as Berklee approaches music from a modern perspective rather than a classical perspective.  Being classically trained, I suspect this will be a fun challenge for me.

Meanwhile, I am also picking up some courses on Coursera.  I just completed Learning How to Learn which was a great jump start to taking classes again.   I actually recommend this to anyone who is in a learning environment.  I'm now starting their Foundations of Teaching for Learning Series which is written for teachers.  It's taught from a global perspective.  This set of pages will serve as a place to store my coursework and essays.

Foundations of Teaching for Learning

Part Three (Learners and Learning):

Positive Peer Effect

Self Esteem and the Learner

Part Two (Being a Teacher):

Language, Music, and Teaching

Teacher Development

What I do as a teacher

Part One (Introduction):


I Used to Think... Now I Think...

What I Know... What I Don't Know...What I'd Like to Know

Six Questions to Ask Learners

Learning How to Learn
Final Project: How to Practice Music

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