Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On justice and equality and other important stuff

Today I proudly wore red in support of equal rights when it comes to marriage.  This morning, as we were getting ready, I asked the Peanut if she wanted to wear red like mommy.  We had a chat about what it was all about and talked about what it meant to be gay.

As we were talking about it -- at a six year old's level, of course -- I marveled at the fact that men loving men and women loving women really didn't phase her.  It's as normal to her as mommy and daddy being a couple.  She knows many of my friends are gay and doesn't think a thing of it.   I love this about her.  In fact, when we were reading a poem a few weeks ago, she wanted to look up the word "gay" in the dictionary when it was used to mean "happy" because she didn't know that was the original meaning.

So back to the conversation.  After our discussion about what it all meant, she opted to wear purple.  "I want people to marry who they want," she said.  "I'm not wearing red, though, because I'm going to marry O."  (O is a boy she hangs out with regularly).

I guess she's got it all figured out.